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    June 18, 2014
    4:00 - 5:00pm EDT  

roosevelt boulevard. the boy's stepfather was following them, trying to catch up with the robbers. he lost them somewhere along the boulevard. they took off with the 15-year-old boy still in his car. he made it out of that car from the -- away from the robbers uninjured down in the city's fairmont district. he is heading to detectives to give them an account of what happened. a 15-year-old boy surprised a robbery in progress. in addition to the cash and jewelry that they stole from this home, they threw him into the car with them when they took off. the good news is that he is all right. we're working to talk to his family members right now. that is the latest, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> keep us posted. now to the weather, the hot of the day of the year. 20 minutes of non-step news. temperee likee ples lade
earltu out of class just after noon. after-school activities were canceled. >> the temperature isn't the only threat. a live look outside. thunderstorms, they are heading this way. parts of our area could see thunder, lightning and heavy rain tonight. a first alert has been issued as we track the two threats. >> our team coverage of the heat and storms begins with our chief meteorologist. >> we have that first alert for the heat that is continuing for the next few hours but also for here are some of the stories making headlines. a hot time in store for folks at the firefly music vest fal. organizers are worried about the sun. a lot of concertgoers staying on the grounds. organizers have water, first aid tents and places to rest in the shade. philadelphia's district attorney is convening a grand jury to investigate whether state lawmakers accepted cash the storms that come after that. the heat advisory until 7:00. it feels like close to 100 in parts of the area. the thunderstorms tonight, some of them strong, with some heavy rain. it's the area of the heat advisory and even hotter farther to the south. that goes until 7:00. high temperatures and high humidity the farther south you go, the higher the humidity. that puts the feel like temperature closer to 100. drinks lots of water because and gifts in exchange for political favors. this comes after kathleen kane abandoned the case. inventing the future. >> that is the goal of more than 100 present nurz, students and every day people showing off their ideas to change of manufacturing landscape. inventors from more than 25 states showed off, including some local kids.
this is the first time we have seen heat like this this season. our bodies haven't adjusted to that yet. it's not all that hot to the north of the philadelphia area. philadelphia itself is 93. 93 in dover with higher humidity. georgetown in delaware, 95 along with atlantic city international. no relief at the shore today with the west wind. there is the feel-like temperature of 100 degrees in dover and close to that in school in west philadelphia built this car. it gets 100 miles to the gallon. the students along with their te princil p ilueef inceoh my odness. happy. i thought i was going to be nervous and thought i was going to mess up. it was really exciting. we had fun. he just told us we did a really good job. >> another 19 yield from philadelphia came up weapon a temporary way to cover a wilmington, millville and in wildwood. we have a few more hours of this heat. then the thunderstorms are coming. more on that in a few minutes. >> thanks. one of the hottest spots in our area, parts of delaware. that's where tens of thousands will gather for the firefly music festival. tim furlong is live in dover with a look at the steps organizers are taking to keep crowds cool. >> reporter: i heard glenn say permanent tattoo. it lofts up to five days. it's hypoallergenic. it involves no makeup. speaking of good ideas, there's time to apply for nbc 10's grant challenge called 21st century solutions. there's a $50,000 grant as well as two $25,000 grants. we want to help good ideas turn into great ones. applications accepted until august 8. for more information and to apply go to
this is a hot spot. we are lucky to be here. it is hot in dover. every year the firefly festival comes here to dover. it generates money and part-time jobs. over 100 bands and a number of stages around this vast county. they will be absolutely sweating. it's a hot day to set up firefly. it's a hot day for the campers we have a first alert for today and tonight for the combination of the heat followed by the storms. you don't need heat to get storms, but in this case, it's one of the things that's going to be fuelling it. we're tracking the storms for the overnight period for the most part. it will not be as hot tomorrow as it has been the last couple days. we could get some storms over the weekend for the first time in more than a month. already setting up camp for the four-day festival. >> i've handled the heat. as long as everybody is smart, has water. >> reporter: this is a flat piece of land. organizers are concerned about the hot sun overhead. >> we try to provide places that you can escape the heat. it's a priority to do that. for the company of the fans but for the safety of the fans, too. >> reporter: you will be able to buy bottled water. you can refill water bottled for free at a bunch of stations. the first aid opportunities are hard to miss. as far as the thunderstorm risk tonight, the area in yellow has a chance that some of those could be severe with very strong, gusty winds and heavy rain and lightning and maybe some hail. right now, things are dry in the area. of course, it's hot. it's 93 degrees in philadelphia with a west erly went. the feel-like temperature is the same as the air temperature. it's a different story to the south where the humidity is
there are a couple of hammock hangouts where you can hang out. there are dogfish head tents that are air conditioned. whether you are rocking out at the main strength or at your campsite there are options to keep you cool. >> the heat is a factor. i would like it to be 80 and breezy, no humidity. it's not the case right now. >> reporter: not the case indeed. it's dusty. they tell me they're going to put sunflower oil down on the higher. we're only near -- only near 90 degrees. it's still several degrees above average in reading and quakertown, doylestown. warmer in philadelphia, cherry hill, wilmington. mount holly is 92. and no relief at the jersey shore today. a strong west wind preventing a sea breeze. at the boardwalk, 94 degrees with the west wind. that's not real pleasant. roads. you can see the dust kicking up. to help knock down the dust. if you are interested, they are -- there is glamour camping, ac and tents. if you bought a vip ticket, you can watch from a cool, shaded area. there's some big daybeds back there and a little family room area. this is a little bit of relief from the heat. coming up a therecoin aomf th things they're doing with the traffic issues. last year in delaware, it was an 96 in parts of southern delaware. we don't have any storms yet. we need a disturbance. we have that in western pennsylvania. a few showers starting to build up there. we do expect more activity as in mant'midnig wouanthe fisurin. tooron his te h o tdoeet t dr derheh. gorgeous
absolute nightmare during the festival on the roads. they promise they have new strategies to make it better this year. i will explain at 5:45. live in dover, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> keep on rocking. after the heat, possible storms to the area. first alert radar showing a few showers heading this way. these could turn into storms. sheena parveen has the timing on when we could see severe weather. >> so the severe threat is just west of our area right now. friday. one of the places that's going to have gorgeous weather on friday is theva hundsome thunderms the best weather at the shore and across much of the rest of the area is friday. sunday also looks good. warm and humid with showers and thunderstorms generally after midnight. 72 for the low in philadelphia. the winds becoming pretty light. then shifting winds tomorrow into the northeast. that's going to prevent it from getting up into the 90s. showers and thunderstorms that that's where we have a line of storms moving through parts of the midwest. locally, this is what it looks like. we are dry, we are hot. we have, of course, plenty of sunshine out there. this is area approaching cleveland, we will watch as we go through tonight. this is one line of storms. it's continued to grow through the day today because of the high heat and all the humidity. it's moving in our direction. with our heat and humidity we exbekt energy for the storms. could develop any time during the day. not at all during the day on friday. much lower humidity and beautiful weather. then some of the storms from the south may come up into parts of the area on saturday. especially southern portions. then sunday, we dry out again. at the very least, a half and half weekend, maybe better than that. monday looks nice, too, before the storms return in the middle of next week. it's pay what you wish
future weather showing this evening, 8:00, 9:00, we could see showers or storms to the north and west of the area by 9:00 p.m. approaching the lehigh valley. even by midnight, continuing to move through the area. these may continue as we go through the overnight hours. we do have showers and storms in the forecast. the only thing, is a lot won't be here until late tonight. some do have the potential to be strong. they could bring some locally heavy rain. coming up, glenn will show you a look at the timing and talk more about the heat as we end out the week. wednesday at the philadelphia museum of art. a great opportunity to see fabulous art at any price you would like. we take a look at the philadelphia museum of art. here are some of the events tonight. from 6:00 to 8:00, escape the heat with a scavenger hunt. the summer of shakespeare continues with hip-hop hamlet from 6:00 to 7:00. pay what you wish wednesday every wednesday night at the philadelphia museum of art. too fast to stop. >> track the heat, the humidity and storms with our nbc 10 first alert weather app. down load it for free on to get severe weather alerts and the seven-day forecast. comes to your smartphone. a political corruption scandal growing as philadelphia's district attorney announces a grand jury investigation. >> they are looking at allegations state lawmakers accepted cash in exchange for political favors. it started with four pennsylvania lawmakers, but the >> it's a warning for anyone headed to the shore this summer. as the crowds along the coast pick up, pleaolice are warning drivers to take it easy. a dramatic way they are making their point next. all new tonight, gas gripes. the new tax that could hurt your wallet and keep your car in park. here is a look at a few of the stories trending on and our mobile apps.
da says it could include many more. we have live team coverage of the corruption investigation. >> we begin with christine madella wlofs there as the district attorney announced he is reopening the case. >> reporter: the d.a. said today that he has reviewed audio and videotapes. he said there is convincing evidence of corruption among philadelphia lawmakers. now it's up to the grand jury to decide. >> this matter has great gravity. to put our heads.oing in the sand. >> reporter: seth williams announced he is taking up this case after the state attorney general dropped the investigation. >> we're not going to have a separate standard for pookie and man-man selling crack on the corner versus people in the rotunda. >> reporter: he did not name names. he said these four legislators, representative waters, brown and fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah. everybody knows that. did you know there is an oldest trick in the book? what?
brownlee have been linked to the case but there could be more. >> this investigation is more expansive than what has been previously reported. >> reporter: the grand jury will review all the evidence and decide if charges will be filed. >> if one, two, five people should be prosecuted or if no one should be prosecuted, that is what the public deserves. that's what we're going to give to them. >> reporter: just about a half trick number one. look-est over there. ha ha. made-est thou look. so end-eth the trick. hey.... yes.... geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know. hour ago i spoke to an attorney representing one of those state lawmakers. he says she's innocent. you will hear from him coming up at 5:00. as for the state lawmakers, they were back in the capitol today working. luann went to harrisburg to track them down. >> reporter: three of the four lawmakers under investigation were here in harrisburg working today. finding them, talking to them, that was another story.
>> looking for representative waters. we found him on the house of representatives floor. we were not allowed to interview lawmakers in session. while he knew we were looking for him, did he not acknowledge our request. in the past, the philadelphia representative said that the confidential informant working for the attorney general's office during the investigation may have given him a birthday gift. but he wasn't sure. he's accused of taking a 7,600 cash gift. >> he's on the house floor now. >> reporter: representative brown was on the house floor. she didn't get back to us today. in the past, her attorney told reporters she's done nothing wrong. we never saw representative bishop in person. we were told she was working today. we were referred to her attorney. representati representative simms reacted. >> they were doing it for legislation that they were going we continue our look around the area. this is over in camden. 93 degrees. the humidity, relatively low. the feels-like temperature is
to, i assume, vote for anyway. i'm hoping if this is going to happen, it sounds like that it is, that it gives us some clarity. if we're going to make policy out of this, if we're going to change laws out of this, which we might have to do, we need to know better about what happened, who was involved. >> reporter: representative brownlee we were told is on leave today. there has been no comment from her office. the attorney decided not to prosecute these the same at 93 degrees. a higher humidity would put the heat index closer to 100, which is what it's like in parts of delaware. summer in the shore means more pedestrians. authorities are warning people to slow down. telling people to follow the rules on foot. >> experts showed them what could happen if they don't. ted greenberg tells us about a new campaign stressing safety on long beach island. cases because she said it was flawed, it was unprosecutable and racist, decided not to comment today. live in harrisburg, nbc 10 news. updating breaking news. sky force 10 still live over the burlington-bristol bridge in burlington county. you see the problem. this bridge is shut down because of this accident, a head-on collision. our nbc 10 assignment desk is making calls. we're trying to determine the >> reporter: it is a chilling demonstration that comes with a deadly message. one that's extremely personal to paul. >> seven years of held. >> reporter: this man's brother was in a coma for seven years after being hit by a car. he died in 1994. >> having that experience puts you in a different way of policing. you become more proactive. >> reporter: using a crash dummy representing a 10-year-old,
extent of injuries involved. you see there, a flatbed tow truck trying to get a vehicle off the bridge. count on us to keep you informed as soon as it is cleared. the bridge is expected to be closed for hours. from our delaware bureau, federal highway officials are saying dirt piles next to the 495 in wilmington caused it to tilt. it affected the support columns. federal highway officials today authorities showed the difference in a driver's ability to stop at 25 miles an hour compared to 35. it's part of a two-month summer pedestrian safety program on long beach island, which like other shore areas, sees a population explosion this time of year. >> safety doesn't take a vacation in the summer. >> reporter: the campaign called street smart ng urges drivers and those on foot to obey laws and watch out for each other. said the damage amounted to cat strafic failure from an external cause. it was properly maintained and inspected. the repairs will be covered by federal emergency relief funds. it is expected to be closed here until labor day. the u.s. patent office takes action against the washington redskins name. nbc 10's jacqueline london is live with more on this rare decision and how it might affect new jersey pedestrian fatality rate is nearly double the national rate. >> our realtors will have handouts. the hotels have handouts. hopefully, we will have a lot less close calls. >> reporter: this follows a similar program in other new jersey cities. organizers say that effort was a success. >> we saw double-digit reductions in unsafe behavior. the. >> reporter: program here starts
one high school in our area. >> reporter: the u.s. patent office ruled that the washington redskins nickname is disparaging of native americans. as a result the team's federal trademark for the name must be canceled. what does all of this mean? in short, that decision means the team can still use the redskins name. but without the trademarks, anyone can use the redskins name to sell hats, t-shirts and other merchandise. financial pressure is now on the july 1st and will include a crack down by police on speeders and pedestrians who don't follow the rules. for paul it's a crucial part of his mission to save lives. >> i didn't want to have other families go through what i went through. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. next, held without bail. >> the elderly local man with a connection to a dark time in history and how his alleged past may have caught up with him years later. also, the secret is out. nbc 10 has obtained details of owner. native american groups have been fighting the team for decades to change the name. he has refused citing tradition. the team will have trademark protection while it appeals. this carries over into schools. there has been a feud between student editors and administrators over the use of redskins in the school newspaper at neshaminy high. redskins is the school mascot. the newspaper editors banned the an investigation about local police officers suing their colleagues and pocketing some big payouts. sheena? it is the hottest day so far. we still have a heat advisory for the rest of the afternoon. for tonight, we're tracking some possibly strong storms. we will talk about the timing of that coming up. the search for a suspect. police release this video of a man accused of attacking a woman in a trendy local neighborhood. (vo) after 50 years of designing
word from its pages. last week's publication contained a student letter that had the letter "r" followed by six dashed for redskin. today's ruling elicited cheers from the newspaper staff. >> i think i jumped up and down a little bit. the other editors in the classroom let out a big yeah. we were so excited that the country is even literally the federal government is recognizing that this is not a term of honor and that it is a slur. hope the community jumps on and just tries to remove the word just as we are. >> our call to the school principal today was not returned. changes the redskins name at that school may not have popular support from the student body. we will have more on that coming up tonight at 5:00. live in the digital operation center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. this just in to nbc 10.
12 people are under arrest at this hour as authorities rounded up suspects here in a major heroin distribution ring in south jersey. one of the places raided today, on almond road. authorities hit a dozen different locations. jury shore reporter tim greenburg will have the details tonight at 5:00. a bucs county man is charged with raining and sexually assaulting a woman. mark cochran was arrested in a sting operation. the women said he assaulted her in various locations in bucks county and philadelphia over the lat year. during the sting, he told the woman he was sorry and that it would not happen again. that's when he was arrested. he is being held on $2 million bail. we have new information in to nbc 10 about the man who was killed by a car after police say he tripped while crossing the street. the accident happened yesterday cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
morning at 65th and woodland streets in southwest philadelphia. today we check with penndot which says crews found several ruts in the road where the asphalt is pushed up. penndot is waiting on a machine so they can repair that road. a man turns himself in with connection with a knockout game attack of a homeless man in delaware county. upper darby announced that trent epps turned himself in late last night. he is the man in this video right now at 5:00, the hottest day of the year. it sure does feel like it. it forced philadelphia school administrators to send kids home early. students were dismissed at 12:15 this afternoon. >> people are seeking relief from the heat and humidity at places like camel beach in the punching the homeless man at a trolley stop last wednesday. it was recorded and posted on facebook. at a news conference today, please superintendent michael chitwood said this is not a game. >> this is a violent, mean-spirited act committed for absolutely no reason other than just to be vicious. >> epps is facing charges of poconos. the shore is another place to cool off as we look live at the beach in cape may. there's also the threat of storms. >> let's bring in sheena parveen. >> for the rest of this evening, we can expect temperatures to stay very hot. then late tonight, that's when we expect the storms to move in. right now, we are in the mid to low 90s across the map. 93, philadelphia. 92, wilmington. in some areas in delaware right now it actually feels close to
assault, making terrorist tick threats and reckless endangerment. they are working to identify three more people involved. for many students, this means opening a new chapter in life. >> students at up with charter school are celebrating a big achivement. more than 90% of its senior class is graduating today. >> reporter: it's a familiar sight, caps, gowns, diplomas. 100 degrees. through the lehigh valley, closer to 90 degrees. 91 in wildwood. with the temperatures being so hot and also the threat of storms, we do have a first alert day for today. we told you about this yesterday. we still have the heat advisory until 7:00 p.m. this evening, meaning many areas could still feel close to 100. then we have the threat of some thunderstorms later on tonight. some of these storms could be strong bringing heavy rain, lightning and some could bring gusty winds, too. the heat advisory is still around the i-95 corridor until but at this charter high school, this year is different. >> i cried five times. i'm trying to wipe the tears. >> reporter: 92% of the class graduated. why is that significant? the city's graduation rate is closer to 60%. >> it's a struggle. but i think that we're winning. >> reporter: this man is the chairman of the company which manages the charter. before they got involved, it was one of the worst schools in the district. >> tears come to my eyes. 7:00 p.m. with high temperatures, high humidity feeling close to triple digits. if you will be outside, drink plenty of water, try to stay cool. loy,
i'm trying to hold them back. it's been a long time, a long wait. i'm very proud of her. >> reporter: for patients today, the heart times are hard to three years ago. >> before the changes, it was crazy. now it's more settled and more disciplined and nice. >> it became a better place. it has a lot more opportunities than it did before. >> reporter: officials say every student has a plan after high school. most include college. >> they have a really high graduation rate. but we are focusesed on what happens after graduation. >> reporter: keith jones, nbc 10 news. it's sure feeling like summer out there. this is going to be the end of it. we do have some cooler weather on the way. we're tracking thunderstorms for tonight. hut and humidity helping to trigger the storms. it will not be as hot tomorrow
or for the days after that. weekends? they have been dry, four in a row. we finally have a chance of at least some storms this weekend. we have a lot of sunshine now. it's 93 degrees. the wind is generally out of the west. it feels like temperatures in philadelphia of 93 because the humidity isn't that high here. it's higher to the south. to the north, we're not even 90 in allentown. but we're in the mid 90s,tures t an. tha l el drynow.noon to s somewe storng st, 8:00, prr, a westmi ussove o erye,showe's thao dup t .tern ttorms a en ces in trt iseralte tonight, after
10:00 north and west and generally after midnight around the philadelphia area. a low of 72 degrees. it's going to be a warm and humid night. tomorrow, the wind shifts. it's a northeast wind. it's not going to be as hot. there will be more clouds around. but with a front nearby, showers and thunderstorms, a good bet for parts of the area. then friday, the dryer air comes in completely. it's nice and comfortable. low humidity and it's a beautiful day. some of those storms could return on saturday, especially in the southern half of the area. then the dry air comes back on sunday. at least a half and half weekend, if not better than that. that's not as perfect as it's been for the last few weeks. then the heat and humidity build up along with the storms the middle of next week. a graphic demonstration aimed at bringing a safer summer
for those on foot at the jersey shore. >> i didn't want to have other families go through what i went through. >> i'm ted greenburg why the message is personal. new numbers show people in our area are paying the most for healthcare under the affordable care act. we will break it down for you state by state. young inventors from our area show off theirnvs what's so special about this car that's it's getting national attention?
new jersey residents are paying more for obamacare than people in other states. that's the word from a new government analysis of 36 states. across the country, people are paying an average of $82 monthly in premiums after subsidies. in new jersey, that figure is $148, the highest in the nation. delaware resident aren't doing much better. they pay the third highest average monthly premium in the country after tax credits are figured in. delaware's average monthly premium after the subsidy is $130. that compared to the nationwide average of $82. pennsylvania is in the average bracket, residents pay $84 a month for premiums after
subsidies under the government healthcare insurance program. we have the heat and humidity not just in the city. we've got it at the shore as well. cape may, the temperature 91 degrees. it feels like 96. not much relief at the beach today. that's going to change. i will tell you abt ng u
continuing our check of temperatures across the area. it feels like 93 as we take a look down on market street --
eighth and market in philadelphia. the latest time line on the heat, humidity and chance for storms next.
90-plus degrees. it feels like the heat of summer rather than late spring. you can see the sun beating down on people. today is the hot of the day of the year so far. it is the second day for
temperatures in the 90s. >> after this heat could come storms. staying cool a top priority in this heat. there are more than 50 cooling centers available in camden county. most are libraries or community centers. keep an eye on people, especially the elderly, who may not have air conditioners orphans. glenn back now keeping track of the heat and the storms. >> what can we expect tonight? >> we start off with the heat and then we end up with the storms. we have a first at letter for that combination as we go through the night. the heat advisory until 7:00 with a ke temperature close to 100 in parts of the area, generally south of philadelphia. then themsst some areas. 93 in philadelphia now. not quite as hot to the north. even hotter to the south. 95, atlantic city international. close to that at the beaches with the west wind. it feels like up to 101 in dover
and getting close to 100 in wilmington and in wildwood. the lower humidity is to the north. dry for now but showers to the west. western pennsylvania, that are expected to build up through the evening hours. nothing coming in until generally after 10:00 north and west and after midnight across the philadelphia area, as you can see here. more showers coming through during the day tomorrow, even in the morning that's possible. and we'll talk more about the threat of thunderstorms for the weekend with the seven-day coming up in a few minutes. right now, president oboe ma is meeting with top congressional leaders about the crisis in iraq. militants are pushing for control of iraq's oil refineries. leaders warn the fight could spill over over the country's borders. as this intensifies, hundreds of national guard members are leaving new jersey and heading to the middle east.
nbc's ten south jersey reporter cydney long was there for the largest deployment of the new jersey national guard since 2008. >> reporter: kednall is filled with emotion. >> we have a strong bond and him not being there four years it's going to be hard. >> reporter: she's confident in her husband's ability abroad but saying good-bye as part of new jersey's army national guard will deploy for the middle east. this as tensions and turmoil between religious sects is volatile in iraq. >> makes everything seem a little more, i want to say, unpreable. >> reporter: for this woman, it's her first deployment. the mission will be to protect national assets coming back from afghanistan and perform critical security measures, part of operation enduring freedom. to give you an idea how large this deployment is, more than half of the 450 soldiers live in south jersey.
34 of them alone from one glous ter county. they leave behind 108 children. maxie and her daughter may pay more attention to skype to talk with dad. >> in the news, i started to get anxiety. he reassured me they were in good arms and it was a safe deployment. i'm going with his word and trusting what he tells me. >> reporter: cydney long, nbc 10 news. later this week, researchers will be in wilmington to stu et bentlie. e cherarok aavommiedook aonuno aieach o e . bvehahe lase.cis men ti d lhere aeel aen 15-rel din lic was a nd ti sportersarealnth pva
governor to abolish the commission and return local control to philadelphia schools. a battle over pension payments will not stop the legislature from adopting a new budget. it was last week that union members rallied outside the state house in trenton over the issue of pensions chlts public workers unions sued the administration. two more lawsuits are pending after the governor announced plans to cut pension payments. if a judge rules the state must make the full pension payment, it could cause big problems with state finances. lawmakers say a budget will go into affect july 1st. more today about the future of the former atlantic club casino hotel two weeks ago that hotel was sold for $13.5 million to a florida firm that plans to use it as a non-gambling facility. the atlantic club shut down in january. the same firm also bought the former claridge in february. a dummy is used in a
dramatic demonstration to remind drivers to slow down at the shore this summer. why experts say just ten miles an hour can be the different between life and death. all new tonight on nbc news 10 at 5:00, cops suing cops? an investigation shows just how many men and women in blue are taking one another to court and how much it's costing local taxpayers. here is one of the hot spots in the area. dover, delaware is 93 degrees. the feels-like temperature is 100. it's where the firefly music festival is taking place. need a lot of fluids.
this update. in the past few minutes we learned the burlington-bristol bridge has reopened after this accident that shut it down for hours. they closed it down to clean up the crash.
we are making calls to find out how seriously the people were hurt. the bridge is reopened. high school students in new jersey reveal a little bit about their bad habits. a you are in survey founds fewer students are drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and using drugs. the number of kids who say they were bullied hasn't changed since 2009. many students continue to talk or text while driving. 39% of the kids asked in 2013 said they this sex. that's down from 47% in 2001. the survey was done in 31 high schools across new jersey. a look into the future at >> next, the high-tech car highlighted at the event and the local teens who helped make it. then all new, insect invasion. the flies, stinging bugs that swarmed a local traffic spot and had experts coming out to give their opinion. here is a place to escape
the heat. in the poconos, camel beach water park. 80 degrees. the feels-like only 81 but still warm enough to go swimming. we will see what it's going to be like through the weekend coming up next.